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apollo-artemis, fashion, design, sustainable, handmade, ink, artwork, sky, moon, logo


In times of omnipresent mass-production there is need for responsible action. Especially in fashion this is evident. The aim of APOLLO-ARTEMIS is to create timeless and sustainable clothing without exploiting humans nor nature and additionally equip you with a unique look.


Because of this mindset, everything seen in the shop is imagined, designed and sewn by myself. In this way no factory needed to be build, no cheap workforce had to suffer because of this. Accordingly APOLLO-ARTEMIS is a slow fashion brand producing low-quantity clothing in high quality.




APOLLO-ARTEMIS draws its inspiration from nature, philosophy and the life on earth and combines these influences with contemporary details.


apollo-artemis, fashion, design, sustainable, handmade, photo, studio, swing, person

About me

I was born 1989 in Cologne and studied Fashion Design at the AMD (Academy Fashion & Design) in Düsseldorf, Germany and received the Best Graduate Award in 2013. Most of the experience I gained while working in the business, affirmed the concerns I developed about the industry in which unfair working conditions, superficiality and greed are omnipresent. This encouraged me to study again (Social Work) in order to afford my self-employment which I am pursuing with good conscience. Next to making fashion I am also active in graphic design and illustration.